My life on a tangent

In Gaudy Night by Dorothy L. Sayers, Harriet Vane asks Lord Peter Wimsey if he finds it easy to get drunk on words.  He says, “So much so that I am seldom perfectly sober.  Which accounts for my talking so much.”  This blog is, for now, about words and being so drunk on them that I wander off on a path that barely intersects with whatever it is I’m supposed to be doing — a tangent, in other words.  I can’t promise that it’s always going to be about the same thing because even my tangents have tangents.  If you remember enough high-school geometry to know why that doesn’t make any sense, shut up and let me have my metaphor, okay?


About lifeonatangent

This is my self-referential profile statement that is intended to give you useful information about me without actually, well, giving you useful information about me. I live in a midden with my dog, who plays into my obsession with words by having no recognized cognates in any other language or even any history going back further than Old English. Seriously. See
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3 Responses to My life on a tangent

  1. sue says:

    you can have tangents intersecting tangents…if you must be geometrically correct, and that gives you lots of tangents to hop on to…
    Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging.

  2. Robyn - Tee says:

    Maybe rather than a tangent, its a tesseract?

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