The R word

I work in tech support for a Large Company.  Last night I was talking to a customer who had things hooked up wrong.  I walked him through correcting the hookup and he said, “I guess I’m retarded.”  I wanted to crawl through the phone and slap him silly.  If coworkers say things like that I can call them on it, but what do you say to a customer?  Or what do you say to a customer who comes out with some other kind of nasty bigoted shit?  “Tell your managers that I’m an American in America and I don’t expect to have to press 1 for English.”  “Okay, you can set up a trouble call for me, but don’t send me one of those Hmong.”  I’ve even had a customer ask me if I was white.  It’s hard not to reach the conclusion that, as a species, we suck.


About lifeonatangent

This is my self-referential profile statement that is intended to give you useful information about me without actually, well, giving you useful information about me. I live in a midden with my dog, who plays into my obsession with words by having no recognized cognates in any other language or even any history going back further than Old English. Seriously. See
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2 Responses to The R word

  1. sue says:

    totally tangential comment — you chose a good name for your blog…I can’t think of anyone else I know who has had such a varied career path. Your whole life must feel like a tangent sometimes.

  2. Bobbi says:

    Oy! I wouldn’t know what to say. A solid 3/4 of the time I have NO IDEA how you manage to hold your tongue.

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